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CCPS Approach to Service Learning

CCPS Approach to Service Learning

  • Cecil County Public School students are responsible for completing one service learning project in grades 6, 7, 8, and 9.  Completion of all four projects will meet the MSDE requirement for earning a high school diploma.

6th Grade

The Environment and You offers students the opportunity to select and explore a local environmental problem of personal interest and the chance to respond to that problem in a way that reveals the power each citizen has to make a difference. CCPS sixth grade students complete their Service Learning project during their trip to North Bay Adventure Camp in North East, Maryland.

7th Grade

Through a school directed Service Learning project, students will apply academic and social skills to improve personal health habits and community nutritional concerns. CCPS students focus on promoting positive nutrition and focus on hunger and homelessness in the community.  Various projects are completed at the six middle schools in Cecil County.

8th Grade

Saving the Past for the Future will foster an understanding and sensitivity to the connection of the past with the future by encouraging the students to preserve something of historical value for their community. The eighth grade students have an opportunity to explore history and create projects to preserve historical information and artifacts.  Each school community develops a project based upon significant historical sites in their surrounding area.

9th Grade

In ninth grade, students will explore a variety of Issues in Our Society. Each student will plan and participate in one service learning project during their Health I class.  Students will choose and develop a project with personal meaning to help their community.  Projects may be either individual Health class based or could involve the entire school, such as a campaign against bullying or a drive to support cancer research.